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Celia’s creativity and natural enthusiasm have been shaped by her life experiences.

Celia is educated with qualifications in programme and project management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Having worked in the NHS for 14 years in a senior management role, Celia experienced work-related stress and used this as a springboard to transform her life.

She experienced first-hand the difficulties in securing planning permission to transform Wheatsheaf Hill Farm in Turton. Overseeing the physical transformation of the farm, her direct experience of business rates tribunals, negotiating with tradesmen, putting the systems and processes in place, implementing a wind turbine, setting up a catering facility from scratch, setting up a culture and brand, managing staff, suppliers and business reputation along the way has given her a substantial background and knowledge.

From opening the doors to The Wellbeing Farm in March 2013, Celia began her rollercoaster of a business ride to survive – facing near bankruptcy in December 2015 when a VAT bill nearly finished her business.  The ‘bow tie on a llama’ represents a turning point in the business, some people would call it the tipping point. It is something which happens unexpectedly but goes on to completely change and transform both your business and life. The day Celia put a bow tie on a llama was the day that transformed everything. Her crazy idea of putting a bow tie on a llama made the business grow, the venue stood out and differentiated itself.

Since that point, the farm and Celia have continued to win multiple awards for their innovative work and also Celia has recently won Implementer of the Year at the National Entrepreneur Awards.

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