Speaker: Celia Gaze

Celia Gaze is available to offer expert comment, articles, interviews and talks on starting your own business, burnout, stress and rural business life.

Talk subjects include:


  • How to make your business stand out!
  • What one woman learnt from a herd of llamas
  • Why finding your niche is key to success
  • My story from burnout to llamas in bow ties!
  • Making your crazy business idea a reality in 2020
  • Taking a month off when you run your own business
  • Does your business idea pass the granny test?
  • 5 Unique ways to bring fun to your wedding day
  • A story of countryside diversification –from wellies to weddings
  • Running a rural business – challenges and tips
  • The benefits of slowing down
  • Find your llama

30th April 2024


When you think you’ve hit rock bottom, hand over to your creative brain to get you out of the mess. That’s what Celia Gaze did when she was under the threat of bankrupty. She came up with the idea to put one of her beloved llama’s in bow tie and post the image across social media. It went viral and her Well being Farm hasn’t looked back since.

Celia has spoken at:

Wedcon 2019

Womanifest 2020

Farm Diversification Show

Northern Business Mentoring Conference

Rural Entrepreneur

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Speaker : Celia Gaze

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