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Celia is a creative, enthusiastic thinker and completer-finisher. She has great personal integrity and intelligence and an almost unique ability to communicate with all levels of an organisation and the wider public. She is resilient and skilled in handling major service change and reconfiguration projects and enthuses sceptics to capture their reluctant participation.

Celia has the most infectious enthusiasm backed up by incomparable diligence. She was a pleasure to work with and for. If Celia embarks upon a project it will not only reach fruition but it will have taken account of, and mitigated for, all possible eventualities and interactions. As a leader, she empowers her team and drives results. I hope that I get the opportunity to work with Celia again; it is a breath of fresh air. Had I not taken Celia’s advice, I would not have embarked upon the MBA that I have recently completed.

With an immense amount of energy, drive and enthusiasm, Celia doesn’t mess around, she delivers. Her straight talking common sense approach delivers. She’ll analyse your situation, give you a plan, tell you straight what you need to do, point out the problems, help you develop a strategy and deliver it. 

If you want your business to stand out, to be remembered, to differentiate itself from others – Celia can show you how to do it. 

If you are facing business rates dilemmas, read Celia’s story of how she overcame this – it’s inspirational.

Five accountants later, Celia finally found the right one. Read about how she put together a brief which helped her secure the perfect accountant and she shares this with you. 

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